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How to analyse Navamsa : Part 1

Among the sixteen important divisional charts the three most important charts are rashi,  navamsa  and shashtiamsa . Among these three  shashtiamsa is very sensitive and its difficult to catch the correct shashtiamsa lagna. Due to this reason the navamsa becomes all the more important. Navamsa is the one ninth division of the rashi. 9 nakshtra padas […]

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Rishi Parashar states : Madhupingaladriksuryashchaturastah shuchirdwi I pittaprakratiko dhimaan pumaanalpakacho dwij II “The Sun has honey colored eyes ,square body; he is of clean habits ; bilious in nature ; intelligent and with scanty hair “. Sun is considered as the king of all the planets in vedic astrology .He is the primary significator of […]

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