How to analyse Navamsa : Part 1

Among the sixteen important divisional charts the three most important charts are rashi,  navamsa  and shashtiamsa . Among these three  shashtiamsa is very sensitive and its difficult to catch the correct shashtiamsa lagna. Due to this reason the navamsa becomes all the more important.

Navamsa is the one ninth division of the rashi. 9 nakshtra padas form one rashi and there are 108 nakshatra padas forming a full zodiac. Similarly there are nine navamsas in a rashi and total 108 navamsas. Thus we can infer that one navamsa can be equated to one nakshatra pada.

Navamsa indicates our fortune/bhagya, that is why it is critical to have planets well placed and in good dignity in this chart. One cannot afford to have planets in debilty or in dushthanas in navamsa as it can really indicate misfortune. A planet which is debilitated in rashi but exalted in navamsa will give neecha bhanga raaj yoga, which can bring good fortune. On the other hand a planet even though exalted in rashi chart if debilitates in navamsa , looses its strength and will be the harbinger of misfortune due to raj bhang neecha yoga. A planet placed in 6th house in navamsa can bring danda/suffering during its period . Similarly a planet placed in 8th in navamsa will indicate rina/ debt while the one  placed in 12th in navamsa will indicate the loss.

In navamsa, kendras are very very important as they are the controllers of a whole aayaan of one’s life . The planet placed in lagna trines have a strong influence on the personality  and control the appearance, liking and dharma of the native. Let us take an example :

navamsa 2

In this navamsa chart  aquarius lagna is rising with venus and ketu in lagna . Saturn and mercury are sitting in trines to the navamsa lagna. Venus in lagna can make native good in management skills and give an eye for detail. It can make native interested in painting , poetry , fashion designing etc. Ketu in navamsa lagna can make native passionate about their work or interests. This also gives good intuition and zeal to work tirelessly in the fields they believe in. However on the negative side it can make native confused or headless at time and can make one short tempered.

Saturn exalted in 9th house can make one traditional in approach, they like old things and can be very rigid in their beliefs but extremely hard working. Due to the exchange between saturn and venus , when the native will find a guru  (9th house ) then this exchange will happen and this can completely change the path of the native. Mercury in lagna trine will make one happy go lucky, peace loving and  with good learning abilities and writing skills.The person has good sense of humor .Mercury and ketu can make one an excellent dancer.

Among all the planets, the stronger one will have more influence on the personality of native .The native with the above navamsa chart has been a trained kathak dancer ( saturn -traditional + mercury and ketu – dancing ) and a fashion designer by profession ( venus ) .